Ines And Cassandra

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Ines And Cassandra

Cassandra is a very busty eastern-European porn actress who came to the USA and made a slew of hardcore anal movies, then returned to Europe to continue her porn career. She and Ines were two of the four stars in On Location Costa Del Sol. This was Ines' first girl-girl on camera in a SCORE movie. Cassandra knows more about sex with men and women than a professional sexologist. She was delighted to be given a chance to bang tits with Ines Read More »
Featuring: Ines Cudna
Date: March 23rd, 2011
Duration: 13:18

Member Comments

4 months ago 
Cassandra from Slovenia is now one of the classic legendary porn stars because of her beauty and super natural big tits, but for me she is one of my pussy collection because of the outstanding attractiveness of her pussy and she is one I will never forget. As well as Danni and Linsey her pussy has not large meaty inner lips (minor labia) , but narrow inner lips, which cannot make a big pussy butterfly, but the outer lips (major labia) are incomparably full and puffy, soft and stretchable, and form a pussy curtain by the major labia. Her pussy is a beautiful bright pink color, which is even more attractive when combined with her beautiful translucent white skin. This is obvious when compared to Ines' brown pussy, which is spread out on the side.
Cassandra is also smaller than Ines, which combined with her big tits makes her what we would call a cute girl.
8 years ago 
Very excellent. Would be super nice to see a higher res version if available.

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